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5 Domains Of Self-Care Workshop

In this workshop participants will learn the 5 domains of self-care that contribute most to longevity and chronic disease reduction at home. From there, each participant will take a self-care assessment to determine how to rate their degree of effective self-care; where lie their strengths and weaknesses. From the results participants will use learned tools and tips to create their very own self-care journal to implement self-care strategies


Learn to Meditate

This workshop teaches the participant  to take charge of habitual thoughts by slowing them down and noticing their impact on the self. A variety of techniques will be taught so a state of meditation can be experienced by all, even those who have tried and failed in the past. The group will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences of meditation, working through the obstacles and recognizing which part of self is controlling the thoughts. By the end of the workshop, participants will understand how to notice thoughts, slow them down and experience the emotions generated by different qualities of thoughts. Students of meditation have a technique that reduces stress, controls anxiety and provides better decision-making.

Photo credit @saltsagecollective

Photo credit @saltsagecollective

Self-Care in Stillness

This workshop helps participants develop tools that quickly address internal busyness; and remove factors contributing to overwhelm. The facilitator will provide simple sensory props such as aromatherapy and stones as well as techniques for participants to create stillness in the mind. Stillness is the antidote to anxiety and provides an opportunity for self-reflection even in the midst of a busy day. By learning to be mindful with stillness, participants will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of mind-body connection such as an increasing ability to focus, taking an internal holiday, and reducing stress within minutes.


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