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Our mission is to keep you out of the doctors office, by reducing and preventing chronic disease - where health happens most - in the home and office.

Nat Med Coach offers the first ever virtual health club offering professionally-supervised self-care. Using latest research, clinical expertise, as well as home remedies - new and old- we guide you in caring for yourself and family.

By participating in our weekly health and wellness workshops, engage in root cause medicine so you have the know-how to select the most effective self-care strategies and holistic wellness, for you. Our specialty modalities are nutrition, naturopathic and functional medicine, mind-body, meditation, fitness, herbs and supplements, holistic health coaching. Rely on us to show you the next steps in your health care journey. Everyone needs a Primary Care Provider, but in Health Club, you can feel confident using self-care as primary care.

We offer group coaching via live small group zoom calls. Members get unlimited access to compassionate Naturopathic Doctors, Functional Medicine Practitioners and Health and Nutrition Coaches via our online coaching workshops. You learn to heal yourself using enlightened research, effective clinical pearls as participate at your own pace.

Each week we offer a self-care workshop on pertinent topics that affect the health of you and your family. Experts go live with educational self-care video sessions, resources and replays that help you thrive with your health at home and accountability. We believe that the most authentic primary care happens in the home.

Features of Health Club:

  • Unlimited access to live, online self-care coaching, replays and pre-recorded exclusives for 30 days

  • Twice monthly community coaching calls - where you can call in and ask the doctor questions about your health routine, what diet’s best for you and symptoms

  • Discounts on professional nutrition supplements

  • Expert guidance on all your health needs

  • Access to a team of wellness experts who will teach you the foundations of Naturopathic and Functional medicine

  • Further your health and wellness training without the certification or expensive schooling

  • Cancel anytime

  • Upgrade to an individual coaching program

Benefits of Health Club?

  • Become your own self-care expert

  • Navigate the growing world of self-care commerce and kits without breaking the bank

  • Focus on the true nature of self-care to nurture your child-self, and improve your health outcomes.

  • Improve energy, improve blood sugar control, reduce inflammation

  • Send your disease into remission naturally

  • Prevent budding health conditions

  • Transform your diet, nutrition and metabolism from the comfort of your home or work

  • Understand the root cause of many chronic diseases that affect you and your family

Who should join Virtual Health Club?  

Virtual Health Club is ideal for those dedicated to improving their own health and self-care using evidence-based self-care techniques. We do the research and the schooling for you. No matter your level of knowledge we deliver reliable and expert information and guidance. We believe that you are your own best doctor, and the doctor of the future!

We also welcome coaches and health professionals who are looking for more education into Naturopathic and Functional Medicine. Take over one of our sessions - let us market on your behalf - establish a community of wellness pros.

Lastly, we welcome medical practitioners looking for resources for themselves and their patients in the art and science of holistic chronic disease prevention, treatment and wellness.

We are certain that by welcome all levels into our community we will serve everyone where they need to be, as well as provide opportunities for experts to coach your own episodes. After all, doctors need self-care too.

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Here is a sample of our past episodes:

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