The Chronic Fatigue Conundrum

The Chronic Fatigue Conundrum


A follow up to the episode on Adrenal Fatigue, Dr. Millie will explore how to navigate chronic fatigue, as an overlapping condition as well as a condition with a separate root cause from adrenal fatigue

You will learn

  • How to test for chronic fatigue and be certain you have it

  • Lymes, Virus and Bacterial Root causes

  • It's relationship to autoimmune disease, and why to be aware even when tests show negative inflammatory markers

  • It's relationship to fibromyalgia and when to turn to cellular energy production

  • Nutrient deficiencies and other genetic storms that create CFS

  • A step by step approach to treating chronic fatigue, and how long to expect it's resolution

  • How to build an effective wellness team that will support you in your progress

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