$29.95  Plus $0.60 cashback


Plus $0.60 cashback

Get fast pain relief at the source with CannabiCool™. Made from a special blend of lidocaine, Thymoquin™ (black cumin seed oil), hemp oil, and aloe, this product goes to work rapidly to soothe irritated skin. From scrapes to insect bites, this easy-to-use roll-on provides a cooling sensation for targeted relief. Don’t let skin irritations make you lose your cool; soothe them away with CannabiCool.

  • Provides temporary relief

  • Fast acting formula

  • Cooling formula provides targeted relief

  • Convenient roll-on, easy no touch

  • Child-resistant packaging

  • Rolls on clear - no menthol

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We use scientifically proven medical-grade supplements created for doctors, so you don't have to guess which ones are best.  

Our enzyme-based household cleaning line eliminates the toxic burden of your home while protecting pets and people. SNAP is Safe for Nature, Animals and People.

Yes, CBD is here!

$39.95  Plus $0.80 Cashback


Plus $0.80 Cashback

TLS Trim Tea

  • Supports leptin sensitivity to help manage hunger and stimulate lipolysis
    •   Helps curb appetite 
    •   May promote a feeling of fullness
    •   Promotes healthy weight management
    •   Supports/helps promote weight loss
    •   Supports metabolic balance and wellness

Check out what Health Coach Ale has to say about Trim Tea and TLS Core Fat & Carb Inhibitor

$95.00    Plus $1.90  Cashback


Plus $1.90 Cashback

Complete Detoxification Kit

Save money compared to purchasing these products separately! As seen in Dr. Millie’s Candida and Mold Webinar

  • Supports a healthy liver

  • Supports the body’s natural ability to produce detoxification enzymes, which scavenge harmful toxins in the body

  • Helps to cleanse and detoxify the liver and blood

  • Helps excrete toxins that accumulate over time

  • Supports normal glutathione synthesis

$38.75   Plus $0.78  Cashback


Plus $0.78 Cashback

Bliss AntiStress Formula - 60 capsules

No matter how well we eat, how often we exercise or how hard we try to avoid certain situations, we can’t escape stress. Stress affects all of us. This products does the following:

  • Helps body adapt to stress

  • Promotes relaxation without drowsiness

  • Maintains healthy levels of both serotonin and dopamine

  • Helps enhance and stabilize mood

Watch video for Dr. Millie’s presentation on Bliss AntiStress and Aging formula.


$69.95  Pus $1.40 Cashback


Pus $1.40 Cashback


  • Black Seed Extract and Pycnogenol

  • Cap in Cap technologyTM

  • Promotes feelings of comfort

  • Promotes feelings of calmness

  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels

  • Supports healthy weight

  • Multi-action antioxidant – for both fat and water soluble tissues

  • Powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from the effects of free radicals

  • Supports normal respiratory health/function

  • Supports memory, cognition and attention

  • And much more

**Health Club and Concierge Members use code for up to 15% discount on all monthly specials.

Note: You will be taken to a third-party site to order your products. Feel free to browse through other products and offers. 

$47.50    Plus $0.95  Cashback


Plus $0.95 Cashback

Curcumin Extreme - 30 capsules

  • Supports overall liver health

  • Promotes removal of unhealthy cells

  • Promotes detoxification enzymes that scavenge harmful estrogens and toxins in the body

  • Helps to maintain good cognitive health as we age

  • Promotes normal immune cells

  • Powerful antioxidant

  • And finally, it supports joint health

Learn why Dr. Millie loves this product!

$69.95  Plus $1.40 Cashback


Plus $1.40 Cashback

CannabiQuin, a special fusion of the trademarked ingredient ThymoQuin™ and full-spectrum hemp oil. ThymoQuin™, a clinically studied ingredient standardized to 3% thymoquinone content from black cumin seed, provides unique antioxidant activity. Specifically, ThymoQuin™ limits fat peroxidation—the degradation of lipids where free radicals "steal" electrons from the lipids in cell membranes,—and immune-supporting properties making it highly beneficial for the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system as well as supporting a healthy immune response. ThymoQuin™ has shown to be protective of liver cells from internal free radical impact, making it supportive of healthy cellular function.*

Full-spectrum hemp oil is the pure oil extracted from hemp that contains all the same phytocannabinoids and compounds found in the original hemp plant. These two, paired together, make for one of the most advantageous cellular health supplements on the market today.*

$99.95  Plus $2.00 Cashback


Plus $2.00 Cashback

Nutrametrix Isotonix Anti-Aging

•   Helps maintain cardiovascular health
•   Promotes muscle health and strength
•   Helps with energy and stamina
•   Helps support brain/cognitive health
•   Support skeletal and muscle health
•   Provides a strong antioxidant defense
•   Helps maintain bone health
•   Provides daily nutrients to support healthy aging
•   Contains no gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, artificial flavor, salt, preservatives, or milk.

$36.95  Plus $0.74 Cashback


Plus $0.74 Cashback

Probiotics 10

as seen in Dr. Millie’s Candida and Mold Webinar

May help to manage fat stores in the body

  • Helps the body adapt to stress

  • Supports a healthy urinary tract

  • Helps support the body’s normal resistance to yeast

  • Helps balance the body with healthy bacteria

  • Promotes healthy vaginal flora and pH

  • Promotes good digestion and microbiome

  • Helps support weight loss efforts

$33.50    Plus $0.67  Cashback


Plus $0.67 Cashback

Vitamin D3 with k2 isotonic powder - 30 Servings

All that chemical sunscreen and sun avoidance has put you at risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. This scientifically, doctor-grade supplement will increase your levels, and tastes great!  Learn more about what Dr. Millie is saying about Vitamin D and K2 formula by Nutrametrix.

  1. Promotes normal bone mineral density

  2. Promotes healthy arteries

  3. Supports immune health

  4. Helps maintain teeth health

  5. Helps maintain normal blood pressure

$46.25    Plus $0.93  Cashback


Plus $0.93 Cashback

7 Day Nutriclean Detox + CLeanse + Balance

In 4 easy steps you can wake up your body to change, clean your organs, stimulate your metabolism and shed a few pounds.

  1. Make a shake from the gut repair powder and water

  2. Take 2 liver detox capsules

  3. Take 2 gentle laxatives tablets in the morning and night

  4. Eat clean 3 meals per day - remove sugar, dairy, grains, alcohol, and fried foods.

    Here is a video on the gut repair powder called Advanced Fiber Powder.

Price varies

Price varies

Custom Cocktail

  1. The only customized Isotonix vitamin and mineral cocktail on the market

  2. Choose from a list of vitamins, minerals, greens, antioxidants and non GMO food extracts

  3. Take a NutriPhysical survey based on your health habits to determine the right fit for you:

    Watch Licensed Massage Therapist and Broadway Producer Larry Rogowsky give his testimonial as to how he keeps fits and healthy


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Lumiere de Vie Hommes - Various Products/Prices vary

Lumiere de Vie Hommes - Various Products/Prices vary

From beard oil to moisturizers to shaving cream. This line channels a guy to be James Bond 007 - and it’s all natural!

Natural Cleaning Products

$39.95    Plus  $0.80 Cashback


Plus $0.80 Cashback

for Your Home and Garden

Allie Might demonstrates why she loves SNAP

Snap™ Essentials Kit

Create a clean home in a snap with our collection of essential, and economical household cleaners. The Snap Essentials Kit contains everything you need to clean your home — all in one, easy to use pack!

Includes All-Purpose Cleaner(3 packs); Sanitary Bathroom Cleaner(3 packs); All Fresh™(3 packs); Stain Remover(3 packs); Dishwashing Liquid(3 packs); 5 labeled bottles– 4 32oz spray bottles; 1 26oz foam spray bottle; 1 container

$27.95    Plus $0.56  Cashback


Plus $0.56 Cashback

Nutrametrix Ultimate Aloe Powder - Natural flavor or Strawberry Kiwi - 16 servings

  • Supports a healthy digestive tract

  • Promotes normal healing

  • Supports a strong immune system

  • Promotes digestive comfort

  • Convenient powder packets – great for travel or sharing

Learn more about this miracle plant from Dr. Millie!

$17.95    $0.36  Cashback


$0.36 Cashback

NutraMetrix NutriClean® Aloe

  • Promotes a healthy colon

  • Helps relieve occasional constipation†

  • Safe, yet effective

  • Promotes healthy elimination from the colon

  • Promotes peristalsis

  • Promotes movement of food through the digestive tract

† This product is not intended to treat chronic constipation, which could be a symptom of a serious disease. If you experience chronic constipation, you should consult your physician.

Our skin care and makeup lines are full of herbals, nutrients and nourishing ingredients to facilitate the most beautiful you, naturally. Don’t oppose nature - work it!

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