Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

Is self-care for entrepreneurs different than for other people? I recently was a guest was on a podcast for The Brand Doctor, Henry Kaminski Jr and want to share. The episode has yet to air so will save the juicy material for air date in July, but I want to recap the topics of conversation that Henry found most important to his audience, and add a few additional thoughts on how entrepreneurs, self-starters and business owners - perhaps the individuals with the most get-up-and-go - can learn to apply at least 4 of the domains of self-care into their busy days. Keep reading for more information on what The Brand Doctor and I discussed regarding self-care for entrepreneurs.

Given the extensive knowledge Henry has of the needs of entrepreneurs, let’s springboard off his questions for me and the soundbites I offered to his audience, while prioritizing the domains of self-care.

Psychological Self-Care

H: When bad or negative thoughts get you down, how to keep yourself out of a funk or from going into a downward spiral?

Dr M: Ask yourself the question- Is this thought constructive or destructive? If it’s destructive, ask yourself another question, how you can reframe it to make it positive - or move onto another subject that is constructive.

Physical Self-Care

H: I know nutrition is important for self-care because when I drink my shakes I feel so much better. What is the best way to use nutrition for self-care?

Dr. M: Identify what you need to feel good. You know yourself best - you know how you feel good - and you know the bad habits you fall into when you are stressed out. If you need more fats, more veggies, a protein filled breakfast, less caffeine or to eat every 3 hours. Learn to prioritize how you can eat for your through the week. Fuel your stamina and you will win.

Professional Self-Care:

H: Keeping boundaries - how so you say no when you know a client or an opportunity is not right, but you are pressures by a drive to get further, have more clients and grow the business? You want to take everything on, but you cant.

Dr. M: This is one of my biggest challenges as well so I’ve learned to use the Vibrational Yes Technique. When someone asks you something and it’s a yes - you will feel it positively. If you hum and haw, it’s a no, or at least a not right now. Learn to trust your priorities - and don’t be afraid to say not right now as it’s not best for your company.

Spiritual Self-Care

H: How do you find patience when you need something to move fast but it’s not happening fast enough?

Dr. M: When I’m feeling impatient, I know it’s a time that I need for of that virtue so I turn to the spiritual aspect of self-care, and acknowledge there are some things I cannot control.

Lastly, it’s important to address the final domain, which is Emotional Self-Care. As entrepreneurs, especially in the health provision industry we tend to get emotionally attached to our clients, our work and business. One of my Gurus, Sister Jenna says - mental health is all about finding the positive in a negative situation. It’s not the same as spiritual bypassing, or denying that the event is bad - but it’s about moving forward with a lesson, a new plan, a pivot and a better perspective. The same can apply with emotions. Looking at life from the perspective of fun, allows you to put all your priorities into perspective. The joys of being an entrepreneur are for the flexibility and creativity it provides you so enjoy the process - even the losses.

The best self-care is that which is factored into your life daily. Do a little bit of self-care daily. For supervision, try our Virtual Health Club, a membership-based resource that trains you in the art and practice of health-focused self-care to keep the stress at bay, and you enjoying the journey.