How to Detox Like a Champ

Yes the body is detoxing on the daily but there are thousands of regulated chemicals streaming into our tissues in unregulated quantities so you need to know how to detox like a champ. Before the industrial revolution, there were feces and bacteria and animal plagues. There were bug infestations and heavy metals and a plethora of hygiene issues that soap and clean water could have handled had they known about it. Once the industrial revolution kicked off, air pollution became out of control with mining industries destroying lung tissue, and fossil fuels burning up the ozone, we soon learned about cleanliness and antibacterials but they came at an expense. Now we’ve got pollution in the nanoparticle sizes, radiation levels sky high, surrounding us like an aura, and even projected directly onto our delicate brain and breast tissue every waking hour. Not to mention we have pesticides intended to keep us safe, destroying the nutrition of the food, dirtying it, and every chemical that was ever created circulating our water ways, our arteries and lodging themselves into our tissues. So even though the body continues to detox on a daily basis, it’s capacity has become weary as we’ve been bombarded with generations of artificial chemicals. What’s more, it’s not only the environment that has degraded the quality of our food, while less likely to kill us from acute food poisoning is more likely to wear down our organs of eliminations and become backed up like a bad plumbing system. So you need to know how to detox like a champ.

Read this book - and learn the ins and outs of detoxing your body against pesticides, radiation, heavy metals, and just getting your bowels moving on the daily. I’ve also included 14 day brown rice diet with some liquid and mono fasting options. I’ve also included my favorite detox products and why they are so effective in helping your body metabolize chemicals, hormones obesogens and other cancer causing agents. It’s available on kindle and paperback. Give the gift to all your family and friends.


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