Coach Nina's Best Slow Cooker Tips

So your slow cooker has been sitting around gathering dust but you to read below for the best slow cooker tips for inspiration and to make some beautiful meals. Slow cooker is wonderful for making soups and stews. And it is very convenient for busy people. Food made in a slow cooker is calming, warming, delicious and easy to digest (best for people with sensitive tummy). You can express your creativity trying new recipes and ingredients. Coach Nina Yunovich offers the best slow cooker tips below.

1) For both vegetarian non-vegetarian dishes use variety of root vegetables – carrots, parsnips, parsley root, celery root, yams, sweet potatoes, onions. Mix and match!

2) For bean stews you can also use all kinds of fall squashes

3) For meat and chicken make sure to add something sour – peppers and tomatoes or granny smith apple and cranberries or something pickled – olives, sauerkraut, pickles. Combination of sweet (from roots) and sour flavors makes your dish delicious. My personal preference – combination of sauerkraut, cranberries, sour apple, chopped raw ginger and a few prunes.

4) For meat and chicken – make sure to use parts with bones. You can buy whole chicken and ask people from meat department to cut it for you. For meat stew try combo of beef and lamb with the bone

5) Try to use coconut milk (I like canned Trader Joe brand ) for bean stews

6) Add to all your stews kelp seaweed (AKA kombu) to add nutritional value. It’s rich with iodine and trace minerals and helps digestion. You can use a pinch of kelp granules or a square inch of dried seaweed

7) Add spices of your choice when it’s almost ready. Use different spices to get variety of flavors. Don’t be afraid of trying something new! Smell the spice first to see if you like it. If you are a new in a spice world start with Italian spice, black pepper, rosemary. if you like it hot and have a healthy stomach use crushed chili pepper

8) Garnish your dish with chopped fresh herbs when the dish id ready. Try different ones!

9) The best model for people who work regular full time job – put all ingredients in the pressure cooker in the evening, turn it on in the morning, when you are back from work it’s ready for you.

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