Online Health Club - Announcement

Nat Med Coach has just unveiled our signature Virtual Health Club, an online health club where you can attend to your health in a group coaching environment. This online health club is a concept we've been sitting on for almost a year, and we are launching on August 27th, 2018. Nat Med Coach Virtual Health Club is for anyone who wants to become more active in their own health journey.  Whether you are a client, a health enthusiast or a health coach, there is something for you in this co-operative club, where we share and learn from each other in a safe and fun environment. 

Join Health Club to unlock the mystery to feeling great. Find the right coach and holistic doctor to  

  • Learn to use natural medicine, nutrition and other methods to help keep you and your family healthy

  • Reverse those nagging symptoms that are weighing you down and making your days difficult

  • Gain the energy you used to have before you started feeling like this

  • Stop using band-aid healthcare and start getting to the root cause

  • Program your cells and spirit in the art and science of anti-aging 

  • Unlock secrets to why your metabolism is sabotaged

  • Heal the digestion and stop stomach troubles

  • Uncover hidden food sensitivities

  • Unblock your body's healing nature

  • Listen to what your body is telling you that you may be ignoring by accident

our Virtual Health Club Membership Includes:

  • Weekly group coaching from Nat Med Coaches and Holistic Doctors as well as other notable coaches

  • Questions with a health coach

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine

  • NutriPhysical to assess nutrients needed

  • Skin Care Analysis to assess skin type

  • Weight Loss Profile to identify your best meal plan - as well as grocery list

  • Exclusive webinars on a range of health topics to help you improve your health and self

  • Online Health summits by the hottest doctors and health experts on the circuit

  • Discounts on Organic Food Delivery

  • Discounts on Natural Luxury Beds and Bedding

  • and more!

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You need to attend health club to accomplish your goals and dreams in a safe and compassionate setting. How to know Health Club is for you?

  • You are curious about changing your diet, eating a better diet, make some lasting changes with accountability to eat healthier, feel more energized and move your body more. You are considering getting a coach or making some changes.

    • Lose weight, gain weight, reduce inflammation, detoxify the body and move better.

    • Find out if something is wrong

    • Harmonize your hormones and metabolism

    • Get connected, and seek your true calling. 

  • You are into this holistic health thing and may be contemplating becoming a health coach. By becoming a member of this online health club, you will get to

    • Experience different coaching styles, different types of holistic care from nutrition, exercise, low-glycemic eating, different evidence-based diets

    • Grow your spiritual well-being

    • Develop a passion for a certain area of health care

    • Decide that is your niche.

    • You may decide to seek some of our mentorship and training, and become a certified weight loss coach yourself or even go back to school. 

  • You are already a health coach working your way in this world of health and fitness.

    • Find your niche

    • Check out different coaching styles

    • Be mentored by holistic doctors, learn about labs, biochemistry and get some practical clinical pearls for your practice.

    • Develop a business mindset

    • Considering joining a team, and want to see what our team is like.

    • Get some health coaching for yourself - be nourished mind, body, soul. 

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Cancel by September 26th to avoid next cycle billing

Virtual Health Club Includes:

  • Weekly group coaching where you discuss in a safe and healthy environment your health concerns and solutions. Each session will be hosted by one of our integrative health and nutrition coaches and our licensed naturopathic doctors, or a takeover guest.

  • 1 to 1 questions with a health coach

  • Choose your favorite coaching subjects from our array of Mind, Body and Spirit Medicine

  • We also assess your online health status using our NutriPhysical, Skin Care Analysis and Weight Loss Profile.

  • Exclusive webinars by our coaches and guests

  • Access to online Health summits

  • Discounts on Natural Luxury Beds and Bedding

  • and more!

Nat Med Coach's Virtual Health Club is for anyone who wants to become more active in their own health journey.  Health Club costs $29/month but right now, for a limited time, there is absolutely no risk involved in becoming a member of Health Club. We are offering you and your friends and family the month of August 27th, to September 26th for free!  

Check out our amazing team of coaches here, who will be running group sessions weekly, depending on their passions. Nat Med Coaches

As a bonus gift, we are offering a virtual grocery store with me, Dr. Millie for everyone, but only if you pre-register before July 22nd. I'm excited to finally show as many people as possible, what a grocery store looks like from my perspective! This is a special-request she charges $600 for, so we're excited to offer it to you for free.  

To register and grab your one month free of Health Club ($29 value) - Click Join the Virtual Health Club

*Use Code FIRST-FREE at Checkout*

Dr. Millie Lytle