Our 10 best health products of 2018 was not easy to decide. In fact I became a fan of so many products and services in 2018 that I you will notice I have 6 items on the honorable-mentions list…which is not to say that

I want to take this time to wish you a very joyous holiday season. I got a recycle PVC Christmas tree - it's festive isn't it? 

I needed something bright and cheery as 2018 was a deep, stubborn year of repeating lessons. Many of us were challenged to make changes in our life for the betterment of ourselves. While you may be feeling some results so far, if you've done the work, then likely 2019 will bring the bulk of those results. The astrology is such that it will truly feel like a new beginning come January 1st, 2019. 

I spent a good majority of my spare time learning astrology chart reading this year, so my list of top 10 of 2018 would not be complete without a mention of my favorite astrology website - hint: he's been described as the most exciting astrologer of the day.  

The LeoKing aside, I am grateful for many people, places and things that are making it easier for you and your families to be healthier at home - mind, body and spirit.  Here is a list of my favorites to 1) celebrate them and 2) let you know what about these companies, in case you would like to incorporate them into your self-care regimen.


An Anti-Aging MultiVitamin that is pH balanced with your blood - We know of no other multivitamin that gives you a complete value of 5600 IU of Vitamin D3, 45mcg Vitamin K2, 60mg CoQ10 as well as covers our methylated B12 and folate all in one product. Energy here you go! We also love the Daily Essentials with your and the whole food antioxidant OPC-3 for inflammation and oxidative stress. I take these, so do Nat Med Coaches, and more of their products, every day of the week! Our Functional Medicine Practitioner, Paula says that "OPC-3 is lifechanging".  Isotonix is the future of vitamin supplementation as it gets emptied directly from the stomach to the blood stream in under 5 minutes so every aspect of this supplement serves a healthful purpose. Waste not, want not. Use code 10OFFMA for a 10% discount through my patient portal on any products this holiday. Free shipping over $99.


The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has long been popular with me because of their public awareness campaigns promoting the Dirty Dozen (eat these organic) and Clean Fifteen foods (no need to spend your money on organics); lists the nutrition community has come to depend upon each year. Their Safe Sunscreens ratings are also super helpful. And this year they made several publications about the dangers of cell phone radiation along with tips to safeguard your children and yourself from the cancer-causing rays - we also recommend consuming seagreens and seaweeds, cilantro and high vitamin C foods!  Thank you to the EWG for health promotion - despite their budget having been cut last year! Get on their mailing list so you can be informed. 


A simple tool that can be used for many health food recipes. I’m promoting no particular nut milk bag - it's most any nut milk bag that I appreciate. You can even find hand-made ones on Etsy (but I've included a Shop.com link so you can get cashback on your purchase). It's just an amazing tool with a much finer mesh than a cheese cloth - Just soak your almonds, organic soy beans, flax seeds, oats, in 4 cups of water overnight - blend in your mixture, and strain it through the bag into a bowl, so that the solids remain in the bag and the clear milk goes into your bowl. Simmer the milk on the stove top for 20 minutes, add some vanilla or honey and there you have it. The bag can also be used to separate juice from it's pulp, cheese making, fresh tofu, labneh - and if you're dairy free - that's why they call it a Nut Milk bag. Simple tools, simple tools make a world of difference.


Blenders, handmixers and the Magic Bullet are functional - but the Vitamix is the best.  I don't know how it smashes hemp and flax seeds, lentils and almonds to smithereens so the results are creamy and delicious. It will change your life because you will be able to make shakes, flour, nut butters, nut milks, bean burgers, whipped root vegetables, creamed soups (even dairy free) - and have them be divine! Like Martha!  They carry brand new and refurbished, high end and low end models as well as an array of attachments and utensils. It is an investment, which is why they offer a payment plan. But they last. Get it on Shop.com for cashback. 


Health, love and daily horoscopes, energy readings, deep dive astrology, astrology channeling..this site hosted by David Palmer, aka the LeoKing is truly an exciting site. You can find him on FB and YouTube as well but to get the complete experience a subscription to FutureLife.tv is only 5.99 per month. Warning: He's young, cocky and brash. He's honest, entertaining and sober. He is a bit potty-mouthed but he and I share a mission helping people get out of the Matrix- such as quit their corporate jobs (ask me about that:) I have suggested he drink healthier drinks...His astrology comes with a dose of L.A. If you prefer the hippy vibe, I recommend my astrology teacher the wizard himself, Rick Levine - also on YouTube and Patreon.


I first saw this eco garden on Shark Tank and was blown away by the problems it solves. This Small Garden from ēdn removes all excuses to having a home garden allowing you to grow fresh food... Anytime. Anywhere. Easily grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers. It comes with advanced LED lights and WiFi enabled processor automate growing, all year, even in the winter, even when you're away. Personally, I sprout and microgarden without it, but some of my patients just love it - Be gardening by February!


If you are patient of mine, it's possible you've had the Dutch Test done - an extension of traditional urine and saliva hormone tests that uses a combo of saliva and dried urine technology. Created by a Naturopathic but also very popular in Functional Medicine for examining root causes via full spectrum analysis of hormone metabolism, cortisol and cortisol metabolites, nutrition levels of organic acids test, oxidative stress and neurotransmitter metabolism. Dr. Christiane Northrup MD recommends tests like the DUTCH for assessing women's health, chronic stress and it's great for assessing men's health as well.  As a consumer it can be ordered direct from the company but I sell it at cost +10 dollars shipping if you have a package with Nat Med Coach or are in my practice and it's included in many of DrMillie's programs as well as in Nat Med Coach' Supreme program. You'll also want a professional to analyze it for you as it reads like Greek.


Fast Casual Restaurants are taking over midtown New York City but some stand out among the rest. When you forgot to brown bag it, you can get still fulfill your vegetable quotient, and the other lunch recommendations set forth from your health coach. The Little Beet are doing standup job providing delicious, gluten-free and plant-inspired food. They serve omnivore style whole food heath food - guiltin' free, and they even have an allergen-tracker so you can know what to eat without having to ask. Check out how transparent they are with their suppliers and vendors. You know what you're eating at The Little Beat. The Little Beat Table is a great dinner option. They are expanding across the country with 14 new stores coming in 2019, so check your city's listings.


Misfits Market is one of the best door to door organics concepts we've seen yet. This might be the newest product on the list so we have not actually tried it yet, but have placed an order so will be eating Misfit veggies at the Christmas table. They ship fresh, imperfect produce for up to 50% less than what you pay in stores. Plus if you click the link you will get our first-order discount of 25% off. You can get bigger discounts if you opt for a weekly box. Boxes of ugly produce come in 2 sizes. If you are not in NY, PA, NJ, DE, and CT you can put your state on the waiting list. For you Canadians and Internationals, there are other great organic food delivery options for sure! 


Virtual Health Club - Of course - it's my baby - and I couldn't be more proud of what this amazing team have accomplished this year in helping people on the path to self-care as primary care. What we offer is a somewhat awkward but always personal group coaching session from trusted authorities. As much as I love MindBodyGreen and HealthSummits, if you can't interact with the coaches, then it's hard to get your questions asked. Our philosophy is 'what you choose to exclude and include in your life - from thoughts, to people, to jobs, to hobbies, to food - is the real source primary care'. Join us in 2019 as we create bigger partnerships and expand our little concept to reach more people who want to heal at home! Click the link to register! Make it a gift - no one will know you didn't spend a dime for their first month! There's still time to get the replays from December episodes.

No Top 10 List Would be Complete without Honorable Mentions so I've got 6 of them for you - you can tell how much I appreciate products and services - they make being healthy so much easier! 

  • The School of Applied Functional Medicine. I am biased because I am the first member of the medical advisory board - but if this school were not teaching so many health coaches, doctors and nurses the nutritional biochemistry involved in functional medicine the I would not be writing about them. First semester begins early January. It's not too late to register!

  • DMinder an appt that tracks your vitamin D levels !

  • Vital Proteins Bone Broth for instant gut-healing soup all day long

  • Louise Hay's always popular if you are attempting to heal yourself with or without the help of a doctor - Self-Healing CD on YouTube 

  • NutriPhysical an online tool that recommends a customized nutritional supplementation program to improve an individualʼs quality of life.

  • How could I not mention the InstaPot which may be revolutionizing healthy cooking as it breaks down allergenic lectins and allows your to cook a one-dish meal - even the worst cooks I know can make a healthy satisfying meal.

Promise me you wont get overwhelmed - that defeats the purpose - try the items on this list that appeal to you - and leave the rest for 2020. 

Abundant health and blessings in 2019, and a Merry sendoff to 2018.

Dr. Millie

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Dr. Millie Lytle