Thanksgiving - A Time of Gratitude (not Regret)

By: Allie Might, INHC, AADP, ATT

Thanksgiving is finally upon us. This can be a scary time for so many people. The big meal, desserts, and all the delicious leftovers around offering temptation. This holiday ends up becoming a four plus day celebration. It doesn’t have to be like this at all. I am going to share some of my favorite tips to get rid of the regret and be able to have a very thankful day.

This Thanksgiving, like many of you, I will be hosting the meal at my home for my family. I love being able to cook the meal. This allows me to control the ingredients. I can make low-carb versions of my favorite dishes.  I also have the opportunity to incorporate some healthful organic/local vegetables into the meal. If you will be a guest this year, bring one of you’re new recipes you’ve been enjoying this fall season.

One of my favorite strategies for surviving this day is to just enjoy. I love to make a tasting plate when it’s time to eat. This allows me to have everything that’s being served. I just take a spoonful of what dishes I want and enjoy. Make your tasting plate with ANYTHING you want…just limit yourself to having one plate. Giving yourself permission to enjoy the dishes being served helps so much. Remember, you do want to enjoy the dessert time on this day.

When it comes time to say goodbye to the day, it becomes leftover madness. This is always how we all extend Thanksgiving into a long weekend. If you are hosting the meal, make sure you send all of your guests home with dinner for the next day. However, if you are a guest, don’t bring leftover dinner home for the next day. Remember, you want to re-establish all your good eating habits to get ready for the December parties and holidays that are just around the corner.

Thanksgiving is not about worry or regret about our meal or diet. One day doesn’t make the good habits end, it’s what we do in the following days with our habits and indulgences that paves the way. Having an accepting attitude towards ourselves helps! Work on maintaining the good habits you’ve worked on this fall, not about establishing new ones yet.

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for everything we have in our lives. Here are 3 ways to be truly grateful over Thanksgiving.

  • Have your meal and enjoy - with tasting portions you can enjoy all your favorite dishes without wrecking your good habits

  • Focus on being surrounded by family and friends. The love and relationships you have this day will nourish you far more than anything you can imagine.

  • Take the time this day to connect personally with each person you are with at your gathering. Finding gratitude is about what you can give to others, more than what you can receive.

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