Why "Weight": Balance Mind and Body

by Dr. Claudia Guy ND

Though our bodies are nourished based on our everyday food choices, losing or maintaining weight is more than calories in and calories out. Every fork, spoon or drink is a choice you have made about your health.  Those decisions resonate long past you've eaten that last meal, for up to 14 days or 21 years, according to some public health research. Every calorie isn’t equal.  And everyone’s journey is unique.

In the Fat Shredder program, you will explore how to develop a healthy relationship between your body and your food, and care for the only body you have. Starting with self-love, self-care will follow. Your health coach will help you learn how to choose fresh, wholesome foods and share ideas on how to prepare them. You will learn how stress, sleep, activity and other endocrine hormones affect your weight. You will learn how eating the rainbow is a stress-free way to avoid rigorous calorie-counting; how chewing your food well enhances digestion and absorption of nutrients; and how mindful eating helps with satiety and cravings.

The Fat Shredder Program jump-starts weight loss with a 21-day detox. Removing excess waste from the liver and colon can improve energy, detoxification and weight loss. You will receive many resources to help you achieve your goal, and we’ll help you take all the small steps to get there. The knowledge you gain is not only applicable for managing your weight, but will also help prevent other chronic diseases that often piggyback with being overweight.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

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To read more about your participation in the food you eat, Dr. Claudia Guy ND Recommends "The Omnivore's Dilmena" By Michael Pollan.

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