Fertility Program

Nat Med Coach at 2 Park Avenue in Manhattan teams up Dr. Claudia Guy, ND and Health Coach Allie Might to achieve the best results in your holistic fertility care. Dr. Claudia and Coach Allie put together three programs for those who are struggling with common problems related to Fertility, such as slow to conceive, problems coming off the pill, reduced sperm count, ovarian cysts, irregular cycles and miscarriages without medical cause. Here are Dr. Claudia Guy ND and Allie Might introducing the Nat Med Coach Fertility Program.

The Features of the Program:

  1. Individual sessions with the doctor

  2. Personal one on one session with the health coach

  3. Aroma Touch or Hydrotherapy in the office - demonstration how to do it at home

  4. What diet you need to eat

  5. Which supplements you need to take

  6. The testing you need

  7. Customized care

  8. All natural methods

  9. A sense of control

  10. Less stress to enjoy the process


"We are so happy to announce our brand new program, FERTILITY PREPARATION: GETTING READY FOR PREGNANCY. This 4-month program will be led by Naturopathic Doctor Claudia Guy and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Allie Might. Throughout the 4-months, we will be collaborating together to help you prepare your body for the healthiest pregnancy possible.

During this program Dr. Claudia and Coach Allie will help you enhance your fertility with clean eating and self-care.

Clean eating is a way of eating that focuses on whole, real foods. You will be incorporating these into your diet while eliminating such foods that are inflammatory, processed, high in sugar and addictive "white" foods that can be harmful to your health and your pregnancy goals. You'll also have access to new and delicious recipes as well as cooking ideas.

Self-care is so important for one’s well-being, and especially for fertility. It can help reduce inflammation, reduce stress and stimulate the systems of the body. We incorporate therapeutic aromatherapy techniques such as AromaTouch and Raindrop to help stimulate your fertility and reproductive health. We will show you how to use essential oils at home for circulation, relaxing and baby-making.  Check out the benefits and bonuses at the end!

Naturopathic medicine focuses on the whole person  and getting to the root cause using nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling. Dr. Claudia’s special interest in natural and integrative fertility has given her years of experience in helping moms and dads create healthy babies and a healthier future generation.  Many common lifestyle factors interfere with fertility. Naturopathic approaches can be used to remove these obstacles and strengthen organ systems that promote successful conception.

As a health and wellness coach, Allie will work with you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. She believes that introducing clean eating, reducing stress and learning to relax  can have life-changing results and science agrees! Some people have a really hard time relaxing, and coach Allie helps you get out that stressful cycle that can be lowering your chances of getting pregnant.  Creating a healthy mind, body and spirit can help you prepare for the beautiful pregnancy you are trying to achieve.

We are thrilled share such a special program and look forward to working with you.

In Love and Health,

Dr. Claudia and Coach Allie"

  • Stop struggling with trying to get pregnant

  • Become physically and emotionally ready for pregnancy

  • Take charge of your cycle

  • Have an easier pregnancy

  • Make a healthier baby

  • Your choices today impact the health of your unborn baby for their entire life

If you or anyone you know is struggling with conception and wants to go about it the natural way, contact Nat Med Coach to book a free initial consult with our amazing team!

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Dr. Millie Lytle