NatMedCoach is on the forefront of the future of effective healthcare! I believe the partnership between naturopathic doctors and health coaches well-trained in functional medicine science is a natural one - and a powerful one. They speak the same language, see the body from the same view of interconnected systems, have a keen understanding of true root causes of disease, are skilled in how targeted lifestyle choices can reverse or prevent disease in the first place, and also bring unique complementary skills to the table.

Dr. Lytle and Dr. Selassie are founding members of our medical board at The School of Applied Functional Medicine. As seasoned, skilled clinicians, they bring not only technical expertise but grass-roots practicality and leadership in educating and mentoring practitioners. These physicians also have a deep respect and enthusiasm for the transformative role of the health coach in the emerging movement of true health care (vs. the conventional model of sick care).

NatMedCoach is positioned to set a potent standard for how these partnerships can help both practitioner and patient to sustainably thrive. I highly recommend the opportunity to our graduates.
Tracy Harrison   Founder,  School of Applied Functional Medicine

Nat Med Coach is expanding our team of coaches and unique wellness providers 

If you are a passionate health coach (or wellness provider) with a unique skillset, interested in being mentored by NDs, Nat Med Coach wants to meet talented team players wishing to become sensational leaders.

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