Health Coaches and Holistic Practitioners! 

Are you looking for a mentor?

Nat Med Coach is a leading consortium of independent practitioners - holistic doctors and health coaches. We provide

  • Clinical Mentorship

  • Collaborative Supervision

  • Virtual Health Club Membership

  • Healing the healer and Self-Care

  • Extra education on Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

  • Science-based Nutraceutical Implementation

  • Commerce-based Websolutions

  • Takeover Opportunities

  • Coaching opportunities 

  • Functional and Routine Lab Test Support

  • Promotion of your Signature program

  • Leadership training

  • A unique business system

  • Co-operative Business Building

  • Shares in the company 


It can be challenging to own a coaching business, and as holistic doctors who have gone through a very lengthy process ourselves we want to help you do more, efficiently.

We use the evidence-based Unfranchise system to help you learn more, earn more and be your best, all the while growing your own business from home or a clinic. You can use it too!


Mentorship: Learn More

Do you feel you need some clinical hand-holding in order to navigate through your client appointments? We offer mentorship to you in your practice, combining our expertise and passion to help you. We have decades of combined experience in holistic health and alternative medicine and therefore can talk disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, biochemistry, lab testing and more.

We provide a Virtual Health Club and also have a team of health coaches willing to help you out. You may participate in as many trainings, corings and zoom calls as you wish, with 2  trainings per year being mandatory. We also travel at least twice yearly. We are always learning and growing.


Programs and Products: Earn more

In order to achieve financial independence as a health coach you likely need more than one stream of income. We help you succeed in your coaching business by promoting your events, blogs, and signature program.

Power great coaching with great products and you have a formula for success. This is why Nat Med Coach partners with Market America to offer a full exclusive product line for your clients.  You'll get wholesale prices and cashback on vitamins, formulations and metabolic enhancing products that can be resold or shipped directly to your clients. Essential oils, green cleaning supplies, skin care and makeup are also on our partner lists. Or if you prefer business supplies, groceries, gifts or clothing, you have access to build your business on trusted products.

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Mindset: Thrive More

Personal development is a big component of being a successful health coach. Not only do you need to have technical knowledge but you need a great mindset. We encourage you to take initiative and to contribute to this dream team to create the atmosphere you want to learn and lead from. Group training, heart to heart talks and a little butt-kicking are part of our repertoire, as are helping you get to the next level to lead a team of coaches of your own.

We are here to answer questions you have about your growing practice, best practices and how to succeed in your goals. We are a team who work together and play together.  Your success is our biggest motivation!