The Pregnancy Prep Program is designed to optimize a couple's ability to conceive through lifestyle counseling, cleansing, nourishing the body, and grounding aromatherapy.

This program is best-suited for those who are struggling with conception and other common problems related to fertility, such as reduced iodiopathic infertility, autoimmunity, low sperm count, problems since coming off the pill, ovarian cysts, irregular cycles and miscarriages without medical cause.

You will work with a team of practitioners, Dr. Claudia Guy and Coach Allie Might. They will keep you motivated to make and sustain changes, to optimize health and conception. Because every couple has slightly different needs, your Naturopathic Doctor and Health Coach can individualize this program for you.


  1. Individual sessions with the doctor

  2. Personal one to one session with the health coach

  3. Aroma Touch or Hydrotherapy in the office - demonstration how to do it at home

  4. What diet you need to eat

  5. Which supplements you need to take

  6. The testing you need

  7. Customized care

  8. All natural methods

  9. A sense of control

  10. Less stress to enjoy the process

This program focuses on lifestyle counseling that encourages you to live better in your body. We recommend movement and support your body, and help you cope and manage stress and emotions. Cleansing and nourishing the body focuses on your eating choices and patterns, as well cleaning up your environment to avoid harmful toxins. Your practitioners combine aromatherapy and body-work to help stimulate your vitality.

  • Stop struggling with trying to get pregnant

  • Become physically and emotionally ready for pregnancy

  • Take charge and understand your cycle

  • Have an easier pregnancy

  • Make a healthier baby

  • Your choices today impact the health of your unborn baby for their entire life

If you or anyone you know is struggling with conception and wants to go about it the natural way, contact Nat Med Coach to book a free Discovery Call with our amazing team!

Call 1-844-441-9661 or email info@natmedcoach.com


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