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Your Genes and Metabolism

In this episode of Virtual Health Club, Dr. Millie will explore several genes responsible for weight gain, a high BMI, stubborn weight loss, insulin resistance, blood sugar resistance and leptein insensitivity.

You will learn

  • Common Genes that impact weight gain

  • How mutations on these genes keep you from losing weight

  • How to test for these gene mutations

  • Techniques to correct and bypass your body’s reliance on these genes

  • How genes are related to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and the energy cycle

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    $20 for the session: Registration HERE

    $59 for the month includes unlimited live and recorded sessions for 30 days, exclusive health club webinars, 50% discounts off archived webinars, plus community coaching and all health club exclusives: Registration HERE

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Later Event: May 7
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