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Mood and Movement Workshop

Citizens of the Blue Zone, the healthiest humans in the world, don’t go to the gym. They engage in natural movement. Yet exercise increases endorphins that promote pain relief and happiness. You’ve heard of the runner’s high? Dr. Millie will discuss the pros and cons of exercise and movement to improve your mood, mindset and self-care.

In this webinar you will learn

  • The mind-body connection and how to engage in movement that improves your mindset

  • How genetics affects best exercise choice

  • What is natural movement and how to live longer and healthier applying this method

  • How to heal the adrenals glands with exercise - and how to damage them

  • 3 techniques to develop natural movement so you are moving in a way to not only increase your mood but also your longevity

This episode is appropriate to patients, self-care enthusiasts and health care providers wanting to increase mood and mindset with exercise, know the appropriate exercise for them, and about natural movement practices.

$20 for the session: Registration HERE

$59 for the month includes unlimited live and recorded sessions for 30 days, exclusive health club webinars, 50% discounts off archived webinars, plus community coaching and all health club exclusives: Registration HERE

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Earlier Event: July 2
Later Event: July 20
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