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The Food for Mood Diet

Join Dr. Millie in the 3rd of 4 Part series on Mental Health. The Food for Mood Diet was developed by Dr. Millie in 2008 when she working as a research practitioner at a mood disorder clinic for the purpose of improving mental health of her patients, many of whom were severely depressed.

You will learn:

  • The research on the benefits of food for treating mood related diseases

  • How you can change your diet so that you food is enhancing your mood

  • The principles of the Food for Mood Diet

  • How blood sugar and mood connect

  • How genetics impacts mood, and how behaviors can be changed with diet

This webinar is essential to anyone who wishes to heal their depression and anxiety by changing eating habits, and any practitioner who is working with patients with a poor food relationship.

To register for this online workshop use the link - enter your information, agree to receive information, and Pay to complete order with your credit card number:

$20 for the session: Registration HERE

$59 for the month includes unlimited live and recorded sessions for 30 days, exclusive health club webinars, 50% discounts off archived webinars, plus community coaching and all health club exclusives: Registration HERE

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