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Cannabis and Other Drug Interactions

Virtual Health Club presents: Dr Patricia Pimentel Selassie

Our CBD expert is back for a 6th episode of CBD and health club. This time she’s going to educate us on how the endocannabinoid system interacts with other drugs and medications.

You will learn

  • The effects CBD has effects on the body

  • What drugs interact with CBD

  • What natural compounds can increase the efficacy of CBD

  • How to use the entourage effect to support you and your clients.  

This episode is appropriate to patients, self-care enthusiasts and health care providers wanting to learn more about combining therapies with CBD and cannabis.

$20 for the session: Registration HERE

$59 for the month includes unlimited live and recorded sessions for 30 days, exclusive health club webinars, 50% discounts off archived webinars, plus community coaching and all health club exclusives: Registration HERE

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