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Cannabimimetics: Non-Cannabis Plants that Mimic Cannabinoids

Virtual Health Club presents: Dr Patricia Pimentel Selassie

Our CBD expert is back schooling what plants to take that will also stimulate the endocannabinoids system.

You will learn

  • Other ways to stimulate the endocannabinoid system

  • What is the entourage effect and how can knowledge of it help you.

  • What can you do when CBD is not right for you

  • Why would you want to add cannabimimetics into your life

This episode is appropriate to patients, self-care enthusiasts and health care providers wanting to learn more about the role CBD and its plants mimickers.

$20 for the session: Registration HERE

$59 for the month includes 4 live and recorded sessions plus community coaching and all health club HERE

Cannabinoid mimicks Cannabis mimickers.png