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Virtual Health Club presents our demo and lifestyle coach: Allie Might

They say snacking is good for you - up to a point - do you know where the good ends and the bad begins? Has food marketing gotten you confused as to what’s healthy and what’s not? Do you want more ideas for healthy snacks at work, or to put in lunches and to sustain your busy day?

In this episode of health club Allie will discuss common snacks for on-the-go, show typical vs "healthy" vs best choices and she will demo how make your own granola that passes as breakfast and a snack!

In this episode you learn:

  • The importance of snacking for a healthy diet

  • Typical snacks and snack-food

  • Typical blue-menu "healthy" snacks

  • Truly healthy snacks, why they are healthy and how you can fit more of them into your busy day

  • DEMO: make granola to be used as a snack, in plain yogurt, or as a breakfast

  • BONUS: help to create a healthy snack list for home

This talk is appropriate for heath coaches, health enthusiasts and those determined to learn more about food myths and truths. The difference between marketing healthy food and real health food.

Tickets: $29 (includes on-going virtual health club) - cancel anytime.

Register for this virtual health class HERE

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