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Sugar: The Hidden Sweetness

Virtual Health Club presents our demo and lifestyle coach: Allie Might

Did you know it’s recommended to have 25 grams of sugar per day - equivalent to 5 teaspoons - but that can of soda contains more than 9 teaspoons equivalent to 42 grams of sugar? This is why we shouldn’t drink our calories

In this episode you learn:

  • How to recognize the hidden names for sugar nutrition labels

  • To make better vs bad choices

  • To identify types of sugars and different names

  • Better sugar alternatives

  • To identify artificial sweeteners and discuss the impacts these can have on our health

  • DEMO: measure out the amounts of sugar in common foods/drinks and "healthy" foods and have alternate options that are much healthier

  • BONUS: a call to address sugar in diet and create a plan to start eliminating it

This talk is appropriate for heath coaches, health enthusiasts and those determined to remove excess sugar from their day and want to understand how to identify it and learn better alternatives.

$20 for the session: Registration HERE

$59 for the month includes 4 live and recorded sessions plus community coaching and all health club HERE

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