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Cooking with Love; A Valentine's Dedication

Virtual Health Club presents our demo and lifestyle coach: Allie Might

In this episode you learn:

  • How health coaching can improve your libido and sexual health

  • Describe the health benefits of sexy food - why are they aphrodisiacs

  • Cooking techniques incorporating the world’s healthiest aphrodisiacs

  • How to make wine pairings healthy

  • How to use plants to create sensuous non-alcoholic drinks

  • Attendees are encouraged come with questions or SUBMIT to and they will be read anonymously — NO TOPIC IS TOO HOT

  • Tune into watch Allie demonstrate Cooking with Love

    Feed yourself with love, in love, through love - and share it with the one you love - or feed it to all your loves.

This talk is appropriate for heath coaches, health enthusiasts and those determined to spice it up in the kitchen!

Tickets: $29 (includes on-going virtual health club) - cancel anytime.

Register for this virtual health class HERE

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