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Virtual Health Club

Dr. Patricia Pimentel Selassie and Health Coach Judy DiMaggio present on natural approaches to skin care

Learn in depth naturopathic knowledge that can result in beautiful skin!
• Your skin is a complex organ; learn how to distinguish the different skin conditions and what unites them in their pathology
• The Naturopathic Health Restoration Model versus the Medical Disease Treatment Model and their effects on the skin
• How to address the liver, digestion, and inflammation so they work optimally for excellent skin health
• What are the best foods to eat for optimal skin health
• How your mindset and spiritual practice is imperative if you want beautiful skin
• Detox to heal your skin: how to detox correctly
• A testimony on detoxification and healing psoriasis with Health Coach Judy DiMaggio
• How to make healthy skin and detoxification part of your everyday lifestyle for optimal skin maintenance going forward

This session is conducted in a small group coaching session over zoom.

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Virtual Health Club
Later Event: December 17
Virtual Health Club