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Detox the safe way - Detox with a coach.

This innovative program requires 10 days to cleanse your digestive system. The Nat Med Coach team has helped many people support their colon and liver health by providing a cleansing system that helps combat the effects of poor diet and environmental toxins.

Using a combination of diet, breathing, hydrotherapy nd the NutriClean 7 Day Cleansing System, this detox program will give you results in a safe and secure environment.

We product we use is a 3-Step 7-Day System that provides a powerhouse of herbs, fibers, and extracts that offers unparalleled digestive and liver support. The NutriClean 7-Day System is an excellent cleansing tool for optimal digestive, liver and colon health. There are three components to the NutriClean 7-Day System, which work in tandem to provide a cleansing, rejuvenating effect and maintain proper digestive health to promote maximum performance of each of these vital systems. To ensure proper health, it is beneficial to begin with a clean slate. 


  • Blood work review by a Naturopathic Doctor
  • Initial coaching session
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Grocery List
  • Recipes for each meal
  • Hydrotherapy and breath support
  • Daily guidance from your coach on each step of the cleanse
  • 1 week detox in a box
  • Product support

You will be satisfied with 

  • better bowel movements
  • improved immunity
  • less bloating and gas
  • fewer health symptoms
  • less pain and inflammation
  • more energy
  • better skin

If you or anyone you know is struggling with weight loss and wants to go about it the sustainable way, contact Nat Med Coach to book a free Discovery Call with our amazing team!

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