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Paula Lovric RN, IHNC, Functional Medicine

Paula Lovric is a certified practitioner through the school of applied functional medicine ( SAFM), a certified health coach and registered nurse. She graduated from her Nursing Program in London, United Kingdom, and specialized in Neurology at the National Hospital Queensquare. After moving to the United States in 1990, she worked at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and was part of the Interventional Radiology Team at INOVA Fairfax, Virginia. Her extensive experience is enhanced by various Nursing positions in several African countries. She completed her training as a Health Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City in 2015. She obtained her certification as a practitioner through SAFM in January, 2018. Her website is 

Paula has offered the following Virtual Health Club sessions:

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Vanessa Samora, IHNC, Certified TLS Weight Loss Coach, Functional Medicine, Personal Trainer

Vanessa Samora is a health coach and personal trainer, and the owner-founder of One Body One World, LLC.  She is currently enrolled in the first year of the School of Applied Functional Medicine. She has lived her dedication to natural medicinal principles for over a decade and continually sees new improvements from her personal work.  Vanessa sees natural health as a way of life, and there is much to learn and integrate that’s different from the standard way of living, which breeds a myriad of diseases.  She sees this process of learning and integrating as an art form, rather than a seasonal challenge, a fascination, or a hobby.  This perspective makes her a compassionate and patient guide.  Vanessa coaches across five major categories of habits for health improvement: diet, exercise, stress management / spirituality, rest, and social connection.  Vanessa is a NYC native and former equestrian professional. 

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Nina Yunovich, IHNC, Functional Medicine

Originally a physician from Russia, after moving to the United States, Nina worked for 17 years in the Sleep Medicine Center. In 2011 she shifted her career to nutrition and wellness coaching. Nina holds Health Coaching certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She then continued her education in School for Applied Functional Medicine and holds certification in Applied Functional Medicine.

Nina runs a growing wellness coaching practice, through which she has cured dozens of patients from chronic conditions, utilizing a toolkit of modern medicine, traditional remedies, and nutrition. Aside from being a wellness coach, Nina is a nature-lover, world traveler, and mother & grandmother. She loves connecting with people, infusing a passion for healing into every facet of her life.

Nina has coached the following Virtual Health Club sessions: