Are you always watching the latest nutrition and wellness trends? Do you want to use the natural route when at all possible for yourself and your family? If you are a holistic-minded person who is struggling without access to the types of wellness services you want, we are the answer. 


Nat Med Coach membership program provides you with a holistic health care team of your own, available to you when you really do need an expert. 

Our Naturopathic Doctors and health coaches guide you on your long term wellness goals, whether you are preventing chronic disease or in recovery. 

We offer an affordable program that gives you the option to see holistic health providers, not normally covered by insurance. 

Price: Cost of year long membership 

$149 per month ($1,788 for year)

2nd Option: pay-in-full for the year and get your last month free at $1,548 for 12 months (savings of $240)

What you get: 

2 total health visits with a Naturopathic Doctor

4 supportive visits with a Health Coach

No wait times and appointments start on time

Your non-urgent questions answered by a health coach, without an appointment

Same Day Response

Dedicated access and communication with your health care team

Accessible electronic health records

Fancy functional testing*

Exclusive access to health materials for your concerns

Nat Med Coach Nutrition app for identifying food sensitivities

Accountability coaching to keep you on track

NutriPhysical to test your supplement needs

10% off all Nat Med Coach Programs*

10% off professional supplements*

10% off fancy lab tests* (blood, saliva, urine and stool) 

Videos, handouts and exclusive blog content that are updated regularly

*extra fees applicable 


How our membership program compares to à la carte style medicine

À la carte appointments are $150 - $750 per visit vs. $149 per month

Visit-to-visit access vs. Continual access

Self-motivation required to see results vs. Guided accountability gets results

No commitment necessary vs. Internal commitment to help you achieve goals

Guidance from a solo practitioner vs. A team of experts assisting you

You are left to your own devices vs. Built-in accountability

Lack of team approach vs. Integrative experience

Individual appointments vs. Continuity of care

Still have questions? Learn more about Nat Med Coach